Nahuel Huapi Lake

The Nahuel Huapi Lake (Spanish: Lago Nahuel Huapi ) is located in Argentina on the border between the provinces of Neuquén and Río Negro in Northern Patagonia; he is the source lake of the river Limay. In the Mapuche language his name means " island of the Jaguar " means.

The lake has an area of 531 km ² with a maximum depth of 460 m. The Nahuel Huapi has an elongated shape with many fjord-like branches.

It is located in one of the oldest Argentine national parks, the National Park Nahuel Huapi. This national park was established in 1934 and has an area of ​​7098.9 km ². It extends over a length of 130 km along the Argentine- Chilean border. The National Park is characterized by high mountains, a large number of lakes and vast forests, the Lake Nahuel Huapi is the largest lake in this National Park. To the north of the National Park Lanín connects.

In the area of the Nahuel Huapi lake, completely surrounded by the Nahuel Huapi National Park, lies the National Park Los Arrayanes. On a peninsula of the Península de Quetrihué, there is a vast area primeval arrayán Myrtenwaldes ( Bosque of Arrayanes, Luma apiculata Latin ). These trees have no bark and a reddish tint. A tourist inaccessible arrayán forest is opposite to the Victoria Island, the largest island in the lake.

The main town on the shores of Nahuel Huapi, San Carlos de Bariloche, a center of the Argentine tourism. Near the town is a major ski resort, Cerro Catedral of. The only other town on the shore is Villa La Angostura in the north.

Worth mentioning is the excursion boat Modesta Victoria. It was built in 1937 in Amsterdam and then broken down into parts shipped to Bariloche. Since 1938 it is on the Nahuel Huapi go. Among other things, Che Guevara and Alberto Granado in 1952 traveled with this ship to the Chilean border - read in Guevara's Diarios de Motocicleta.

According to some eyewitnesses, as well as the local Indians living a plesiosaurierartiges monster, the Nahuelito in the lake.

Arrayán ( Luma apiculata )

Nahuel Huapi Lake

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