Naisten Liiga

The Naisten Liiga (Finnish: Women's League, in Swedish: Damernas League ) is the highest division in the Finnish women's football. The League was founded in 1971 and was called to 2006 SM- sarja.


The Naisten Liiga was the 2013 season out of ten teams. In the course of the season, which takes place within a calendar year, each team meets three times on any other team. The champion qualifies for the UEFA Women's Champions League, while the last one descends into the second-class Naisten Ykkönen.

Participants 2013

  • FC Honka Espoo
  • GBK Kokkola
  • HJK Helsinki
  • Kokkola Futis 10
  • Nice Futis Pori
  • ONS Oulu
  • Pallokissat
  • PK -35 Vantaa
  • TPS Turku
  • Åland United

Previous champions

Record champions

KNF Helsinki changed its name only in PPF and then in United Helsinki.