Nakuru in Kenya, founded in 1904, is the capital of the Rift Valley Province and with about 307 990 inhabitants ( 2009 estimate ), the fourth largest city in the country. Nakuru is located at an altitude of about 1860 meters above sea level at Lake Nakuru in the eastern part of the East African grave breach, also called " Rift Valley ". The lake is world famous for its flamingos. The Maasai had very aptly called the space En Akuro: swirling dust. In colonial times, Nakuru was for the settlers the capital of the so-called " White Highlands ". Near the town of Lake Nakuru National Park, the Menengai Crater and Hyrax Hill prehistoric lie.

Transport and Infrastructure

The railroad has an important railway station here; a path leads from the Kenyan capital Nairobi on towards Eldoret ( Kenya ) and Uganda, an extension route heads Kipkelion near Kisumu. Today, the city is a center for agribusiness.


Nakuru is part of the Diocese of Nakuru the Roman Catholic Church. 1928 opened the first Catholic mission in Nakuru. In the city there are several Catholic churches.


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