The Namsen away at Kvatningen in the community over Halla, about 10 km from its confluence with the Namsenfjord

The Namsen ( South Sami: Nååmesje ) is a current in Nord-Trøndelag in Norway. It will be located near the Swedish border within the municipality Røyrvik, where it forms the outlet of the lake Store Namsvatn. It flows through the valley Namdalen over a length of 228 kilometers, mainly in southern and western directions, before it flows into Namsos in the Namsenfjord. Its two main tributaries hot Bjøra and Sanddøla. The river flows through the municipalities Røyrvik, Namsskogan, Grong, Overhalla and Namsos.

The water flowing down the Namsen varies greatly, they often fall below 200 m³ / s, but also reaches over 1000 m³ / s He is in Norway to the rivers that are best suited for fishing, the most important species of fish are salmon and trout. It is regulated by several dams, which are equipped with fish ladders. Every year many anglers especially from Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Many Whooper swans live on the Namsen, the recently remain mostly in the winter there.

Regulated lakes in the catchment area

Hydroelectric power plants in the catchment area

Namsen between Skage and Kvatningen

Evening at Namsen at low tide

The disused railway line Namsos Grong ( Namsosbanen )