Namsos and Namsenfjord

The Namsenfjord or Namsfjord is a fjord in the municipalities Namsos, Flatanger and Namdalseid in the Norwegian province of Nord-Trøndelag. The fjord extends 42 km to the southeast and then south to Sjøåsen and Løgnin at the end of the fjord.

The fjord entrance is between Aurstøskjæret in the west and Knappholman in the east, and runs first along the border communities of Namsos and Flatanger. The outer area of the fjord runs southwest of the island Otterøya (143 km ²). Here is in the middle of the fjord, the 10.3 km ² large island Hoddøya.

The city is located east of Namsos Lokaren at the mouth of the river Namsen. Namsos is located on the eastern arm of the fjord. The Namsenfjord continues in a southerly direction continuing up to the east side of Skjerpøya. Just south of the fjord is Kjølsøya. The fjord arm Løgnin continues in a south-easterly direction to the western side of the island, while Bangsundbotnet and Fjalbotnet extend to the southeast.

The Fv215 runs along the west bank of the outer part of the fjord north to Statland. On Otterøya the Fv466 and Riksvei 767 runs along the fjord. Along the inner part of the fjord extends around the Namsos Riksvei 17

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