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Namsos is a municipality and town of the administrative district (county ) Nord-Trøndelag in Norway. Namsos is a port city and one of the most important commercial centers in Central Norway.

The city is located in a small bay at the mouth of the river Namsen in the Namsenfjord. The main part of town was built in small low-lying promontory that extends into the harbor. In the north, the weak wooded hills rise steeply to over 180 meters. To the east, the vast Namsental ( Namdalen ).


Namsos was founded in 1845. The predominantly consists of wooden houses city burned three times almost completely during its relatively short history. The first fire in 1872 was created by two boys playing with matches. The second fire broke out in 1897 for an unknown reason. The third fire was created when the city was bombed during the Second World War on 20 April 1940, the German Air Force.

Since Namsos was completely destroyed, the name is used as the description for the total destruction. Thus, in an American dictionary, the word Namsosed as a description for Total annihilation.


Namsos is located on the coastal road Fv17 over which you can also reach the approximately four kilometers east of the city located Namsos Airport.


South of the city is located in Spillum the Norwegian Sawmill Museum.


  • Hanne Haugen Aas (* 1988), volleyball and beach volleyball player