Nancy Olson

Nancy Olson (* July 14, 1928 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ) is an American actress.


Nancy Olson was discovered for the film when she played as a student at the University of Los Angeles theater. In 1950 she married the Musical Alan Jay Lerner. In the same year she played the girlfriend of William Holden in Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard and received an Oscar nomination. So promising and quickly began her career in Hollywood, so it ended when she became a mother of two children. She was henceforth be seen only sporadically on screen. The marriage with Lerner in 1957 divorced. She then played from time to time in television series and married in 1962 to music producer Alan Livingston, with whom she was married until his death in March 2009. Livingston was one of the most important music producers in the United States. He took, for example, in the early 1950s Frank Sinatra at Capitol Records, whose vice - president, he was then.

In the 1960s and early 70s Nancy Olson played in a series of Walt Disney movies, of which especially her performances on the side of Fred MacMurray in the staged by Robert Stevenson science fiction comedy The Flying Pauker and its sequel The Pauker 's can not make great successes were. My cameo in the remake of this film, Flubber ( Flubber, 1997), was a reminiscence of it.

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