Nancy Wyman

Nancy S. Wyman ( born 1946 in Tolland, Connecticut) is an American politician. Since 2011 she has been Deputy Governor of the State of Connecticut.


Nancy Wyman grew up in the New York City borough Brooklyn, where her father worked as an accountant. She made the Long Iceland College Hospital training in the field of X-ray technology. Later she suggested as a member of the Democratic Party launched a political career in Connecticut. Between 1979 and 1987 she was sitting in the Education Committee of the city of Tolland; 1987-1995 she was a Member of the House of Representatives from Connecticut. Subsequently, she served 1994-2010 as the first woman, the Office of the Connecticut State Comptroller. In addition, or was she is a member of some social institutions of their homeland.

In 2010, Nancy Wyman was elected to the side of Dan Malloy to Deputy Governor of Connecticut. This office she has held since January 5, 2011. She is Deputy Governor and Chairman of the State Senate.