Napasorsuaq from the west, in the foreground Kirkespirdalen

Napasorsuaq from southeast

The Napasorsuaq, also Danish Kirkespiret ( German: Church tower ), is a 1590 m high mountain in southern Greenland.

The Napasorsuaq is located in the municipality of Nanortalik on the west bank of the Tasermiutfjords. He is the highest peak of a line extending in the southwest - northeast direction mountain range that reaches heights up to 1400 m. Compared to its neighbors, with the 1302 m significantly lower Nuussuup Qaqqaa, the Napasorsuaq is hardly glaciated, west, southwest and south of the steep summit pyramid are only a small snowfields. In the west, extending after the mountain named Kirkespirdalen ( Kirkespiret Valley), which opens in a southeasterly direction into the Saqqa Fjord. In Kirkespirdalen has been mined for gold in 2004. The Gold Mine Nalunaq ( Greenlandic: Hard -to-find place) is the first gold mine in Greenland.

When the climbers Napasorsuaq is popular for its solid granite rock, which resembles that of the nearby mountains and Ketil Ulamertorsuaq. On the west and east walls lead by Austrian climbers established routes to the summit. The 400 -meter-high north wall was formed in 1998 by a Danish rope team first ascended (Route Gold Fever, 6b A1).