Naqsh-e Rajab

29.99305555555652.886944444444Koordinaten: 29 ° 59 '35 " N, 52 ° 53' 13" E

In Naqsch -e Rajab, there are four reliefs from earlier Sassanian period and is about 3 kilometers north of Persepolis in Iran's Fars province.

Shown are the Sassanid kings Ardashir I and Shapur I, the addition of the Zoroastrian priests Kartir. Two reliefs date of Shapur and each one of Ardashir and Kartir. The relief of Ardashir shows him and the deity Ahura Mazda, which gives him the ring of power. Shapur is represented on horseback and also receives the Ring of Power from riding Ahura Mazda, this relief is almost identical to that of Ardashir in Naqsch -e Rostam. The second shows him on horseback, followed by nine nobles of his kingdom, including his son Hormizd I.