Nara Dreamland

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The Nara Dreamland (Japanese奈良 ドリーム ランド, Nara Dorīmurando ) was an amusement park, 2 km outside the center of the Japanese city of Nara. The Disneyland in California modeled Dreamland opened in 1961. On 31 August 2006, there was the final closure of the last rundown and struggling with declining attendance parks.


The built by the Japanese legend Sightseeing Company Park is an idea of Kunizo Matsuo (President of the Matsuo Entertainment Company ) based, who had previously visited the Disneyland Resort as part of a trip to America. Despite harmonious collaboration with the engineers at Disneyland during the construction, it came towards the end of the construction project of a dispute. The negotiations with Disney were canceled and were hatched own mascot for the park. At first he was overrun by a boom in visitors. But after the opening of Tokyo Disneyland in 1983, the number of visitors greatly declined. In 1993, the Japanese legend Sightseeing Company together with the park was sold to the company Daiei, which operates one of the largest supermarket chains in Japan. The death knell of the already much dilapidated parks offset 2001, the opening of 40 km from the Osaka theme park Universal Studios Japan. After other older and smaller amusement parks already had to close due to the competition of the larger parks before, in 2006 was followed by the final closure for the Nara Dreamland. The disused theme park is to this day still intact - including rides, ticket booth, a four-story parking garage and hotel complex. The completely sealed premises still belongs to Daiei.

Park design

The entrance to the park almost looked like the Disneyland of - including the train station, Main Street USA and Sleeping Beauty Castle ( Neuschwanstein Castle, inspired a fairytale castle ). It also had a the Matterhorn mountain -inspired ( with roller coaster ), a Autopia (a kind of go-kart track with gasoline vehicles ) and a monorail.


In the park until its closure were also some tracks, including:

In addition, other rides such as a carousel, a small powered coaster, one of the Jungle Cruise Disneyland reinvented ride and a log flume.

Jungle Cruise

Screw Coaster

Screw Coaster