Narashino, Chiba

Narashino (Japanese习 志 野 市, -shi ) is a city in Chiba Prefecture on Honshu, the main island of Japan.


Narashino is located east and west of Funabashi Chiba on Tokyo Bay.


On 3 June 1903, the village was Tsudanuma (津 田 沼 村, -mura ) (津 田 沼 町, machi ) applicable to the municipality ( Machi ) Tsudanuma. In the Russo- Japanese war was brought under 11791 prisoners in the local training area Narashino. From September 1915 to the turn of 1919/20, there was a POW camp with about 890 Germans in Tsingtao. On August 1, 1954, the municipality Tsudanuma named to the municipality to Narashino (习 志 野 町) and received on the same day the municipal law.


  • Street: Higashikantō - highway to Tōkyō or Kashima
  • National Road 14
  • National roads 357
  • JR Chuo Line sobu
  • Keisei Main Line to Ueno and Narita


  • Chiba Daigaku Kōgyō


  • United States Tuscaloosa, United States, since 1986

Sons and daughters of the town

Adjacent Cities and Towns

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