Narita, Chiba

Narita (Japanese成 田 市, -shi ) is a city in Chiba Prefecture in Japan in close proximity to Tokyo. This is also the International Tokyo Narita Airport, run through the many flights to Europe, Asia and Australia.


Narita was founded in 1954 by six villages and the city center were combined into one unit.


Narita is located east of Tokyo, northeast of Chiba and west of Choshi. The tone runs through the city from northwest to northeast.


Attractions in Narita Shingon temple Naritasan Shinsoji are ( built in 940) in the 17 -hectare Naritasan Park, the Imba Lake, Makata Jinja ( Shinto Shrine ), at the center, a 200 year old tree stands, and some museums, including one that can be seen in the calligraphy.


  • Tokyo Narita Airport
  • Street: Higashikantō - highway to Tōkyō or Kashima
  • Train: Keisei Main Line to Ueno
  • Sobu JR Line to Tōkyō and Yokohama


Twin cities of Narita are:

  • China People's Republic of Xianyang, People's Republic of China, since 1988
  • United States San Bruno, United States, since 1990
  • Denmark Roskilde, Denmark, since 2003
  • Flag of South Korea Jung-gu ( Incheon ), South Korea, since 1998
  • Flag of South Korea Jeongeup, South Korea

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