Narvel Felts

Albert Narvel Felts ( born November 11, 1938 in Keiker, Arkansas ) is an American country and rockabilly musician. Felts was in the 1970s a number of hits; its greatest success was in 1975 Reconsider Me

  • 2.2 albums


Childhood and youth

Narvel Felts was born in 1938 in Arkansas, but grew up in Bernie, Missouri, on. Inspired by former country stars such as Ernest Tubb and Floyd Tillman, Felts taught himself to play the guitar even with. In 1956 he won with his version of Blue Suede Shoes a talent competition in high school. It was the era of rock ' n ' roll, the Felts now singer dedicated enthusiastic than 17 years.

Career as a rockabilly

A DJ from Dexter, Missouri, heard Felts and gave him a place at the radio station KDEX. Soon Felts hosted his own show on Saturday afternoons. The entry into the professional music business, he found, when he was in his band, the Rockets, replaced Jerry Mercer. Felt's first manager, a record store owner who arranged an audition with Sun Records. Felts and one bandmember Jack Clement presented, the two sent home with the advice to write a few songs. Felts returned after the first failed attempt back a short time with the whole band to Sun and held its first session during which, among others, was recorded Cry Baby Cry. However, none of the songs recorded by Sun were published.

Felts and the Rockets returned to Missouri. During an appearance in St. Louis they were discovered by an employee of Mercury Records. In the following period of five rockabilly singles were recorded, all of which appeared until 1958, but were unsuccessful. 1960 reached Felts with Honey Love for the first time the rear of the charts, further successes remained to him but failed.

Felts and the Rockets changed then to MGM Records, but it appeared no plates. In the 1960s, Felts continued his career, but focused more on his family. He went on further and played for local labels a few minor plates.


Felts 1973 succeeded his breakthrough as a country singer. He signed with the Cinnamon label, and already his second single Drift Away positioned himself in the top ten of the Hot Country Songs. There followed a number of other hits like All in the Name of Love ( 1973) and I Want to Stay (1974). After his record company was forced to close in 1975, moved Felts, still accompanied by the Rockets to ABC - Dot, where he could continue his winning streak. At ABC - Dot, he held, with his biggest hit Reconsider Me, who came up in second place. It was followed by other chart positions and in 1978 another big hit with Run for the Roses. However, the peak position of the charts was denied him.

Felts lost his contract with ABC - Dot, as the label of MCA Records was bought. Mid -1970s, fired his road manager Rockets and hired a new band called Wild Country. Long did not stop the collaboration with Wild Country, and the band started then stopped without Felts under the name Alabama her highly successful career.

Felts founded end of the 1970s, a new band, the drift aways. With it, he was a regular guest at Hemsby Rock'n'Roll Weekend and was due to the rockabilly revival in Europe rockabilly fans very popular.

In the 1980s Felts turned more to the Gospel. Today, it still occurs in country and rockabilly shows.