Nasal scale

The nose shields (Latin: scutum nasal ) or short the nasals are horny scales on the head of a lizard scales ( Lepidosauria ). Like all dandruff can be important the nasals to identify the type.

The nasals are, if you look at the head from the side in front of the eye toward the nose to the nostril. Depending on the scale can be divided or completely. In the first case the nostril lies exactly on the border of two ( rarely more) scales, which are then both called nasals. The front is called the Pränasale, the rear is the Postnasal Drip ( Scutum postnasal drip ). If the scale is not divided, the nostril is within the nose shield. Above the nasals are the Internasalia (also: Between nose shields ). Before the nasals in the direction of the tip of the snout are artabhängig Nasorostralen or equal to the rostral. Below directly the upper lip shields ( scutum supralabiale ) adjacent. Caudal, ie in the direction of the tail adjacent the nose plate to the Loreale.

In Duberria lutrix the undivided Nasal adjacent to the rostral.

Nerodia rhombifer has divided nasals. The Pränasale adjacent to the rostral.

The Gaboon Viper ( Bitis gabonica ) are transformed to the nasals horns.

In Borneo short-tailed python (Python breitensteini ) the undivided Nasal is located well up.