The French community Nasbinals located in the Lozere department in the Languedoc- Roussillon region, and is the capital of the canton of the same name. The small town with 501 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) is located on the GR 65, which is largely the historical course of the French pilgrimage route " Via Podiensis " follows. It is the economic center of the Aubrac.

Geography and transport

Nasbinals is located in the Massif Central at the foot of the Monts d' Aubrac, a sea-rich plateau of volcanic rock, which is characterized by solitary meadows and pastures. Over the Col d' Aubrac (1340 m) leads to a south-westerly direction at Saint -Côme d'Olt - the deeply-carved Lot Valley. The next major French cities are Lyon (186 km) to the northeast, Toulouse ( 174 km) in the south-west, Bordeaux (288 km ) to the west and Montpellier ( 134 km) to the southeast.

The nearest commercial airport is Rodez - Marcillac, which is served, including the Air France and Ryanair. About the D 987 road it lies about 73 kilometers away. The nearest railway station is in Aumont -Aubrac. She is 23 road miles away and can be reached in an easterly direction on the D 987. In Nasbinals the D 987 is coming achieved by the D 12 from the north, while the D in a southwesterly direction leads after 900 Marvejols.


The oldest mention of Nasbinals goes back to the 8th century. In 1074 the monks of the monastery of Saint -Victor de Marseille built a Romanesque village church in the style of Auvergne and dedicated it to the Virgin Mary. From it developed in the present church of Notre- Dame de la Carce.

Way of St. James ( Via Podiensis )

In Nasbinals there next to the Hotels and Restaurants, as well as several pilgrims' hostels Tourist Information (French gîte d' étape ). In addition, the village has a campsite. The further course of the pilgrimage via Saint- Chely -d'Aubrac the Lot Valley. Running there as a direct road link the D987.