NASCAR Convertible Division

The NASCAR Convertible Division was a NASCAR racing series in the 1956-1959 races were held with convertibles.


The end of 1955 NASCAR bought on the Society of Auto Sports. The Society of Sports car racing was previously a racing series with convertibles from. This series was administered after the acquisition of the Society of Sports Car by NASCAR by NASCAR. In 1956, NASCAR was from the first Convertible Division season. The first race was held on the Daytona Beach Road Course on February 25, 1956. Curtis Turner won the race. Overall, Turner won 22 of 47 races. However, the drivers' title won Bob Welborn, although it won only three races, but finished the race in the top -10 in almost every race. In 1957 there were only 36 races of the season, but again it was Bob Welborn, who won the title because of its continuity. The 1958 season was similar and Bob Welborn was again NASCAR Convertible Division champion. Since the interest in the series was not very big, only 15 races were run in the season 1959. This should be the last season of the series and Joe Lee Johnson won the title.

Between 1960 and 1962 there were annually even a convertible race, which ran outside a championship. Since then, no racing at NASCAR more instead of convertibles. Most likely was not just the lack of interest, but also the security of a reason to discharge any other race with convertibles. It is interesting that some drivers not only in the Convertible Division risked their convertible, but also in the Grand National, now the Sprint Cup. At the Daytona 500 1959 occurred, for example, 20 of the 59 drivers in convertibles.