Nassau stands for:

  • Nassau Castle, a castle in the Rhein- Lahn-Kreis in Rhineland -Palatinate
  • House of Nassau, a noble family, which represents the kings of the Netherlands ( Orange-Nassau ) and Grand Dukes of Luxembourg
  • Nassau District, a Canadian district
  • Nassau ( Landscape), a landscape east of Meissen
  • Nassau ( conservation area ), a nature reserve east of Meissen
  • Nassau nature park in Rhineland -Palatinate

Historical territories

  • Duchy of Nassau Duchy and the state of the German Confederation (1806-1866) in the present-day states of Hesse and Rhineland -Palatinate
  • Hessen- Nassau, a Prussian province (1868-1944)
  • Province of Nassau, a Prussian province (1944-1945)


  • Nassau ( Bahamas), capital of the island nation of Bahamas in the North Atlantic
  • Nassau ( Cook Islands), an island in the northern Cook Islands in the South Pacific
  • Fort Nassau (Ghana ), a historic fort on the Gold Coast
  • Baarle -Nassau, The Netherlands

In Germany:

  • Nassau ( Lahn), a town in the Rhein- Lahn-Kreis in Rhineland -Palatinate
  • Nassau community association, a municipality in the Rhein- Lahn-Kreis in Rhineland -Palatinate
  • Nassau ( Mrs. Stone ), district of the city stone woman in the district of Central Saxony, Saxony
  • Nassau ( Meissen ), the district of the town of Meissen in the district of Meißen in Saxony
  • Nassau ( Weikersheim ), district of the city Weikersheim in Baden -Württemberg

In Austria:

  • Nassau (municipality Unterbergla ), part of the municipality Unterbergla in Styria

In Poland:

  • Mokrau ( Zülz ) (formerly Nassau OS in the district of Neustadt, Upper Silesia ), a town in the Opole Voivodeship

In the United States:

  • Nassau ( Delaware)
  • Nassau ( Minnesota)
  • Nassau ( New York)
  • Nassau Bay ( Texas)
  • Nassau Farms (New York)
  • Nassau Junction ( Missouri)
  • Narcotics Shores (New York)
  • Nassau Village (Florida )
  • Nassau County ( New York), administrative unit on Long Iceland in the State of New York
  • Nassau County ( Florida), administrative unit in Florida


  • SMS Nassau, a battleship of the Imperial German Navy
  • USS Nassau ( LHA -4), an amphibious warship of the U.S. Navy

Nassau is the surname of the following persons:

  • Adolf of Nassau ( District ) ( 1889 -? ), German jurist and District
  • Ernst Christoph von Nassau (1686-1755), German Lieutenant General
  • Karl Henry of Nassau-Siegen (1743-1808), German - French adventurer and Sea Soldier

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