Nasser Zahedi

Nasser Zahedi ( born May 20, 1961 in Qom, Iran) is a German doctor, author, translator, painter and photographer of Persian origin.


Zahedi grew up in Qom. After attending high school, the family moved to Tehran, where he attended the prestigious High School Alborz High School. After graduation, he studied medicine at the University of Tehran. In 1986 he immigrated to Germany and continued to study medicine at the University of Cologne. He received his Ph.D. in the History of Medicine Institute of the University of Bonn, at the same time he completed specialist training as a gynecologist and obstetrician.

Zahedi is established since 2002 with a focus on Prenatal Diagnosis and Ambulatory Surgery in the city of Leverkusen and lives with his family in Cologne.


As a student in Iran, he worked for magazines such as Kayhan, " Zan -e Rooz " or " Kayhan -e Bacheha " as a translator and freelance writer. In his writings he dealt mostly with the state of the socially disadvantaged. In parallel, he wrote short stories, and engaged in drawing and photography.

In Germany, he published a collection of short stories. The book " Judy " was transferred from Isabel Stümpel - Hatami into German and published by the publishing house " edition- Sisyphean " under the direction of Gisela Haehnel. Similarly, a collection of nudes was brought from the same publisher on the market ( minima Momenta ). Photo and drawing exhibitions took place in Cologne. Even in the years in Germany, he translated continue for publishers in Iran.

As an author, he writes for various German medical journals contributions to the history of medicine.

Works (selection)

  • Judy and Other Stories, Edition Sisyphus, Cologne 1996 ISBN 3928637150
  • The development history of the forceps Berlin,, Berlin 2003 ISBN 3936427275
  • Minima Momenta - nudes Edition Sisyphus, Cologne 2005 ISBN 3928637371


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  • "About us and the media" - ( solo exhibition, Cologne 1994)
  • "Drawings" A selection - (Joint exhibition, Cologne 1997)
  • "About us and the scarecrows " - ( solo exhibition, Cologne 2003)
  • "We are no different," people with disabilities - ( solo exhibition, Cologne 2010)
  • " Minima Momenta " nudes - ( solo exhibition, Cologne 2011)
  • " Cityscapes - Distorted " photo exhibition - ( solo exhibition, Cologne 2014)