Natasha St-Pier

Natasha Saint- Pier ( born February 10, 1981 in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada ) is a Canadian singer.

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On 10 February 1981 Saint- Pier was born in Bathurst in Canada, the daughter of a prison director of Italian origin and a retirement home manager. She grew up in Saint- Hilaire (New Brunswick ) together with her brother Jonathan. At the age of 8 years, she first entered the stage and made very early experience with classical dance, modern jazz, piano and vocals. At age 12 she was a finalist of the contest Le pouvoir de la chanson and now intensified singing. In 1996, she recorded her first album Emergence, which was, however, released only in Canada. In parallel, she laid a scientific Abitur with the desire to become a biologist.

At the age of 18 she played in 1999 the role of Fleur de Lys in the musical The Hunchback of Notre -Dame. This role she was offered by Luc Plamondon. In 2001, she accompanied the singer Garou on his European tour and spent some time in France. Together with Florent Pagny, she released a new version of the song Là -bas by Jean -Jacques Goldman. In the same year she took part for France at the Euro Vision Song Contest in Copenhagen, finishing in fourth place.

From autumn 2002 to spring 2003, she undertook a tour of Europe. In September 2003, she toured Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and Japan, followed by Quebec. It was followed by two more European tours, one from February 2004 to November 2004 and from April 2006 to the end of January 2007. Natasha 2010 was on a one-year tour in France, Canada and Belgium. The title of this tour was Confidences autour d'un piano ( in German: " Secrets to a piano ").

On March 9, 2012 Natasha is tied the knot with Grégory Quillack, a French soldier received. Their latest album Bonne Nouvelle, she released in April 2012.




  • Le parcours du cœur
  • 1996: Il ne sait pas
  • 1996: Sans le savoir
  • 1996: Portes par la vague
  • 2000: À chacun son histoire
  • 2000: Et la fille danse
  • 2000: Tu m'envoles
  • 2001: The n'ai que mon âme ( Euro Vision Song Contest 2001)
  • 2002: Tu trouveras ( with Pascal Obispo )
  • 2002: Nos rendez -vous
  • 2003: Alors on se raccroche
  • 2003: Toi qui manques à ma vie
  • 2003: Por probarlo todo (Spanish version of On peut tout essayer )
  • 2004: Tant que c'est toi
  • 2004: Mourir demain ( with Pascal Obispo )
  • 2004: Quand on cherche l' amour
  • 2004: Je te souhaite
  • 2005: J'avais quelqu'un
  • 2006: Un ange frappe à ma porte
  • 2006: Ce silence
  • 2006: J'oublie
  • 2006: Tant que j'existerai
  • 2007: Longueur d' ondes
  • 2007: De nous
  • 2008: Embrasse moi
  • 2008: 1, 2, 3
  • 2009: L'instant T
  • 2012: Bonne Nouvelle

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