Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale ( born June 6 1755 in Coventry, Connecticut, † September 22, 1776 in New York) was an American officer, teacher and one of the historical heroes of the United States.


Hale made ​​at Yale in 1773 his college degree and taught in the sequence in East Haddam, finally in New London, Connecticut. Nathan joined the Army at first on July 6, 1776 and was quickly promoted to the rank of captain. Five of his brothers took on the American side in the battles against England in Lexington and Concord in part. On September 22, 1776 Nathan Hale was hanged by the British, because he was accused of being a spy. On the way to the gallows, Hale spoke his famous last words: "I only regret that I have but one life, which I can give my country. "

He was a member of the company founded by George Washington Culper ring, a forerunner of American intelligence.

In addition to the Hale Statue outside the Tribune Tower in Chicago, there is another in front of the CIA headquarters in Langley. Moreover, a nuclear -powered submarine, the USS Nathan Hale, named after Hale.