Nathan L. Miller

Nathan Lewis Miller ( born October 10, 1868 in Solon, Cortland County, New York, † June 26, 1953 in Syracuse, New York) was an American lawyer and politician and from 1921 to 1923 Governor of the State of New York.

Early years and political rise

Nathan Miller attended the Groton Union School and then to 1887, the Cortland Normal School. After a subsequent law degree, he was admitted in 1893 as a lawyer. He was then working as a lawyer and legal advisor to the City Cortland. He was also involved in the fusion of different companies with the United States Steel Corporation by Andrew Carnegie. In turn, promoted Carnegie Miller's political career. This has been a member of the Republican Party. Between 1901 and 1903 he was head of the Court of Auditors ( Comptroller ) of the state of New York. From 1903 to 1913 Miller judge at the New York Supreme Court was the following two years until 1915, he served as a judge in a court of appeal.

Governor of New York

On November 2, 1920 Nathan Miller was elected governor of his state. He joined his two-year term on January 1, 1921. During this time the administration of the State was reformed. A censor board for films was set up and launched a criminal law reform. At that time was with the State Department of Purchase and Supply a procurement office. In addition, the use of water power was further developed. Through his actions, about 20 million dollars have been saved in the state budget. On the other side of the Governor was very conservative. He was an opponent of the women's rights movement and a proponent of the death penalty. In 1922 he was defeated in an attempt to re-election against his predecessor Al Smith.

Further CV

After the end of his governorship, Nathan Miller withdrew from politics. He turned back to his work as a lawyer and was a director of U.S. Steel Corporation. Ex - Governor Miller died in June 1953., With his wife Elizabeth Davern he had six children.