Nathan Peavy

Nathan Peavy ( born March 31, 1985 in Dayton, Ohio ) is an American professional basketball player.

His father Terry was also a basketball player, he played for the University of Pittsburgh and was drafted in 1979 by the Cleveland Cavaliers. His mother, Nila, who comes from Puerto Rico, was Rican swimmer as a member of the Puerto national team at the Pan-American games.

The 2.03 m wide and 100 -pound power forward played four years for the Miami Ohio Red Hawks, where he came in his last season at 14.1 points and 6.3 rebounds per game. For the season 2007/ 08 he moved to German Bundesliga Paderborn Baskets. After 3 years at the Artland Dragons Peavy moved in summer 2012 within the BBL and signed a contract with ALBA Berlin.

In the summer months he plays in the homeland of his mother Vaqueros de Bayamón for, with whom he was 2009 champion. In addition, he has performed internationally at the National Puerto Rico and was a participant in the Basketball World Championship 2010 in Turkey.

In June 2012, the forward signed a one year contract with an option for a further season at ALBA Berlin. However, he retired already in September 2012 before the season to a torn ACL and could not be used this season.