Nathaniel B. Baker

Nathaniel Bradley Baker ( born September 29, 1818 in Henniker, Merrimack County, New Hampshire; † September 11, 1876 in Des Moines, Iowa ) was an American politician and 1854-1855 Governor of the State of New Hampshire.

Early years and political rise

Nathaniel Baker first attended the Phillips Exeter Academy and then to 1839, Harvard University. After a subsequent study of law and qualifying as a lawyer in 1842, he opened a law office in Concord. At the same time he was working as a journalist. He bought the newspaper "New Hampshire Patriot", which he himself edited.

In 1845, Secretary Baker to an appeals court, a year later he held the same office at the Supreme Court in Merrimack County from. Baker became a member of the Democratic Party. In 1850 he was elected to the House of Representatives from New Hampshire. In 1851 he was head of the fire department of Concord. The following year he was one of the electors of his compatriot Franklin Pierce when he was elected to the U.S. President. Finally, he was in 1854 elected as the new governor of his state.

Governor of New Hampshire

Baker took up his new post on June 8, 1854. In his only year in office, some new banks were established in the state. Was overshadowed its term of office of the federal political events of this period, which was marked by the contrast between the North and the South. The opinions on this issue were divided in New Hampshire. Templates should denounce the Kansas - Nebraska Act, both the Missouri Compromise as well, found no political majority in the state legislature. A law entitled women to create your own Testament was, but ratified. At that time, some new industries emerged in the state. In 1855, Baker competed unsuccessfully for reelection. Therefore, he had to give up his post on June 7, 1855.

Further CV

After the end of his tenure, Baker moved to Iowa. There he was active both as a lawyer and politician. In 1859 he was elected to the House of Representatives from Iowa. Between 1861 and his death in 1876 he was Adjutant General of Iowa, which roughly corresponds to a the managing officer or secretary of state. Nathaniel Baker was married to Lucretia M. Tenbroeck, with whom he had four children.