National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

The Baseball Hall of Fame is the hall of fame of the largest U.S. baseball player. This museum is dedicated to the history of baseball and the heroes of the Major Leagues.

It is located in Cooperstown, a small town in upstate New York. According to legend, baseball was invented there in 1838 by Abner Doubleday; Today, this legend is considered to be refuted, at the time of the creation of the Hall of Fame in the 1930s, but it was generally believed, and therefore selected this location.

Recording rules

Each year, in a ceremony the newly elected members of the Hall of Fame and immortalized with a brass plaque in the Hall of Fame. The decision on this award meets the Baseball Writers Association of America, an association of sports journalists, which is why it is not very rare cases in which decisions on the inclusion of players a lot of criticism is heard. This usually involves a matter that the person just is not the numbers ( about home runs, hits, etc.) could have that qualify him as a " Hall of Famer ".

The statutes provide that player after a period of five full years since the end of their active time can be selected for the first time. However, managers are taken (corresponding to German terms to the trainer), Mascot, umpire ( referee ) and other personalities who have rendered outstanding services to the sport, as well as radio announcer.

Controversy surrounding Pete Rose

Pete Rose holds several records of the U.S. professional baseball, so for example, most hits and the greatest number of completed games. So Rose has made 500 games at five different positions between first baseman and left fielder. However, Rose was a 1990 agreement with the Commissioner of Baseball, by virtue of which he was excluded from any further participation in the baseball sport. In return, the Commissioner decided not to publish the results of a run against Rose investigation, in the course of which, the Commissioner had enough evidence found that Pete Rose had in his time, wagered as team manager on baseball games, including those of your team. In addition, these bets were placed partly with bookmakers, whose relations were to the underworld as proven. Since the "Black Sox " scandal of 1919 such bets were in the U.S. baseball as mortal and as a death sentence for any career.

It will be argued in the U.S. for years violently if overlooked this decision and Rose should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Many believe in the enormous power of career Pete Rose should be allowed to justice with mercy. The contrary is held by others, he had never been known for his outspoken violation. It has the rather for years vehemently denied. In an article published a few years before he makes book on the subject is very vague remarks. An open confession of guilt, these opposing views, but is an absolute requirement to have still given to him as a repentant sinner the honor of recording.

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