National Information Standards Organization

The National Information Standards Organization ( NISO ) is an American standardization organization that develops, manages and publishes technical standards for bibliographic and library applications. It was founded in 1939, 1983, converted into a non-profit educational organization and it received its present name in 1984.

The NISO is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and represents the interests of the U.S. in Technical Committee 46 ( Information and Documentation ) of the International Organization for Standardization ( ISO).

NISO standards published by ANSI. Many NISO standards are available on the website of the organization.

All the names of NISO standards begin with " ANSI / NISO Z39. «. Examples are

  • Z39.2 (MARC for bibliographic data)
  • Z39.50 ( protocol used for accessing bibliographic databases )
  • Z39.83 - 2002 ( National Information Standards Organization Circulation Interchange Protocol; short NCIP )
  • Z39.86 -2005 (DAISY Digital Talking Book, DTBook )
  • Z39.87 ( elements for the description of technical metadata of image files, cf NISO MIX)
  • Z39.88 ( OpenURL )