National Library of Finland

The National Library of Finland (Finnish Kansalliskirjasto, swedish Nationalbiblioteket ) is the oldest and most important academic library in Finland. Until 2006 it was called Helsinki University Library; this name since 2010 but leads to another library. The National Library serves the maintenance of the Finnish cultural heritage, but also the needs of the University of Helsinki, which it is assumed as before.

These is the Slavic collection (about 450,000 volumes), which was created when the library was given during the time of the Grand Duchy of Finland, the right to obtain from each appearing in the Russian Empire book one such copy.

The classical main building is based on plans by Carl Ludwig Engel and was built from 1840 to 1846. Over time, the building was extended several times. It is located right at the main university building in the historic center of Helsinki.

The library has over 200 employees and (2008) with a budget of over 18 million euros.