National Library of Iran

The Iranian National Library (Persian کتابخانه ملی ایران Ketab - Chāneh -ye Melli -e Irān ) is a location in the capital Tehran library whose branches spread across the entire city.


The first prototype of a national library in Iran was founded in 1851, the library of the Dar al- Fonoun. 1899 another library, the library of the nation was opened. The official inauguration of the National Library was 1937. Included several collections of older libraries, including rare and valuable manuscripts.

The main branch of the current library complex located in the northern center of the city and is in its final construction phase. The new building consists of five halls, each corresponding to a field of science, such as, are associated with the humanities and lie on a single plane.

The new library building covers a total area of ​​over 90 000 square meters and is therefore one of the largest library grounds of the Near and Middle East.