National Library of Poland

The Biblioteka Narodowa is the Polish National Library. It is subordinate to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Its head office is located in Warsaw, Aleje Niepodległości 213, the special collections are in the Krasinski Palace, plac Krasińskich 3/5 kept.

Its collections include all published in Poland books and magazines, and published abroad writings on Polish affairs. You receive deposit copies of all publications.

In addition to the National Library in Warsaw only the Jagiellonian Library has the status of the National Library.


The first Polish National Library has emerged in the second half of the 18th century. It was founded by the brothers Warsaw bishops Zaluski and was taken over in 1774 by the Commission of National Education. 1817 was built in Lviv the Ossolineum Institute, which became the most important cultural center of Galicia.

In the 20th century, today's National Library was appointed on 24 February in 1928 and opened in 1930.

Before the Second World War included the collections:

  • 6,500,000 books from the 19th and 20th centuries,
  • 3,000 early printed books,
  • 2,200 incunabula,
  • 52,000 manuscripts,
  • Maps and notes

1940 took over the officials of the General 's collections. They built from German books only accessible to a German library in the building of the Warsaw University closed. The most valuable special collections were stored in the Krasinski Palace. After the suppression of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 in October 1944, these collections were sent by special German troops on fire and burned almost completely.

Currently, the collections of the National Library include 7,900,000 units.