National Parks of Canada

In Canada, there are 44 national parks, which are managed by the government agency Parks Canada. Another park, the South Okanagan Similkameen National Park for 2010 should also be national park, but the final decision is still pending. There are also other national water protection areas, such as in Lake Superior.

In 1885 was provided by the Canadian government land for public parks, which later became the Banff National Park was. Much like in the United States of America, the parks were originally created for relaxation and enjoyment of the people. In 1930, the Parliament adopted the National Park Act a regulation to provide the areas under protection.

To visit (and possibly for camping ), and in particular for the shared nature tourism areas of the National Parks, you need a ticket ( Permit), which can be purchased for day trips or for a whole year ( National Pass ).

With National Parks Reserves are called in Canada in which to hunt and to fish the Indians.

List of national parks

Provincial Parks in Canada

In addition to national protected areas exist in Canada several hundred Provincial Parks ( in the province of Quebec as a designated national parc ) and territorial parks in the northern territories. These often have a size and equipment, which is similar to the national parks (eg, Wells Gray Provincial Park in British Columbia), partly there are also smaller, particularly sensitive areas. Some of these parks have campsites, often areas for day use. The administration of the province and territories park is in the hands of the respective province or territory government.