National Prosecuting Authority

The National Prosecuting Authority is in the law of South Africa, a public body which is responsible for the representation of the State in the prosecution.


Until 1998 there was no national law enforcement agency. At each High Court, the prosecution was assigned to the relevant Attorney - General. The establishment of the National Prosecuting Authority goes back to Section 179 of the current Constitution and the National Prosecuting Authority Act 32 of 1998.

Structure and Tasks

At the top of the NPA is the National Director of Public Prosecutions. At the level of High Courts stands in place of the former Attorney - General, a Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP ). Below are the DPP Deputy DPPs ( deputy directors ) and individual prosecutor ( Prosecutor ). Objective of the NPA is the prosecution. You in the name of the State (State versus X ). Only if the NPA prosecution of a criminal ( nolle prosequi ), may exceptionally be held private prosecution. However, the DPP remains until the judgment is a timely intervention of any law.