National Recovery Administration

The National Recovery Administration was launched by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt bureaucracy to combat the global economic crisis; Part of the New Deal. The National Recovery Administration should introduce elements of economic central planning and in the liberal regime. Roosevelt wanted to correct the course of strict fiscal consolidation under Herbert Hoover, who had aggravated the mass unemployment Roosevelt 's view. The NRA was created by the National Industrial Recovery Act ( NIRA ). After their basic concept should on the one hand the admissibility of cartels and monopolies, the corporate sector guarantee a "fair " and not " destructive " competition, on the other hand, should the minimum wage, prohibition of child labor and other measures to improve the situation of workers and the unemployed. Accordingly, the law was divided into two main pieces.

The temporary two-year statute would have expired in June 1935, but the end of May 1935 has been declared by the U.S. Supreme Court by unanimous decision unconstitutional. In particular, the comprehensive bureaucratization associated with the regulatory activities of the NRA had excited political unwillingness in many circles. Paul Bang described the NRA as " planned economy hydrocephalus apparatus".