National Rugby League (France)

The Ligue Nationale de Rugby ( LNR ) is an organization whose mission is to organize the professional game operation in Rugby Union in France, on behalf of the Ministry of Sport and the Fédération Française de Rugby ( FFR). In addition, the LNR is responsible for the oversight, development, finance, promotion of professional rugby and the advice of the clubs involved.

They organized, regulated and financed the professional National Championships Top 14 and Pro D2. In addition, it negotiates contracts for television broadcasts and championships sponsors.

The Ligue Nationale de Rugby is composed of the following persons:

  • President
  • Ever, a delegate of the 30 clubs in the first and second professional league
  • Three delegates of the FFR
  • A delegate of the player
  • A delegate of the coach
  • A delegate of the team doctors
  • Five external delegates, of which two are appointed by the FFR, and three of the clubs
  • A delegate of the referee