Natural Science and Technical Academy Isny

The Natural Sciences and Technology Academy Isny ( nta ) is a private, nationally recognized professional school and a vocational college in Isny.

It was founded as a training center for Chemical- Technical Assistants under the name School of Chemistry Dr. Grübler 1945 in Ravensburg and relocated in 1950 to Isny ​​. In 1961 the first engineering curricula ( first physical engineering and chemistry ) were established. In 1973, the nta state recognition as a university.

Since 2006, all degree courses offered at the University of Applied Sciences of the accreditation agency ASIIN are accredited eV. In the winter semester 2009/2010 the previous degree studies at the University of Applied Sciences at the Bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Science) were converted. Currently, the undergraduate chemistry courses are offered (focus on general chemistry or food chemistry and environmental analysis ), pharmaceutical chemistry, computer science and physics and engineering from the University nta Isny. The bachelor's degree programs offered are also accredited by the accreditation agency ASIIN eV. The five professional colleges of nta are also offering school-based vocational training as a technical assistant, as assistant for information and communication technology AIK, Biotechnological assistant BioTA, CTA, phytase and PTA.

The number of enrolled students at the university is located (as of winter semester 2012/ 2013) at about 250 to about 250 students come to the five professional colleges.