Naturkundemuseum (Berlin U-Bahn)

Metro Station Museum of Natural History is a station of the metro line 6 of the Berlin Transport Services ( BVG) in the district of Berlin -Mitte. He is 4.60 meters below the highway road between the intersection disability Road and the junction Zinnowitzer. In the BVG it is therefore referred to with the abbreviation Zw. The building, designed by Henry Jennen, Alfred Grenander Alfred and Fehse was 1913/1914 started and continued after the First World War in 1919. The architects designed an all-white station with center platform, the station signs wore a yellow border. After the neighboring railway station of the Berlin- Szczecin railway (see: Berlin North Station ) was opened in the new underground station on 30 January 1923 as Stettin Station.

From April to July 1945, the metro station was closed due to war damage. In 1951, he was renamed to North Station, since due to the political situation in 1950 and the former Szczecin railway station no longer bore the name of the now belonging to Poland Szczecin. From 13 August 1961 to July 1, 1990 the North Station was a ghost station for the underground line 6; the only stop in the eastern sector of the then divided city was the Friedrichstrasse station. After a complete renovation in the 1990s - among other things built the BVG an elevator for disabled road for accessibility and extended the platforms to 110 meters - is the station under monument protection.

From 1991, the station was named Zinnowitzer. However, since they hardly even has a meaning, the Berlin Fahrgastverband IGEB and various politicians have suggested in 2007 to rename the station after the nearby Museum of Natural History Museum or the Natural History Museum. A name change was announced after a lengthy discussion in December 2008, but then postponed. From 30 December 2008, the Berlin-based company Wall AG presented in anticipation of the renaming seven billboards in subway station available, on which the Museum of Natural History showed large photos of objects from its collections. Then was the timetable change of BVG 13 December 2009 renamed the Natural History Museum.


The underground station is served by the U6 line. There is also a transfer possibility for bus and tram to the BVG.