Naya Daur (1957 film)

  • Dilip Kumar: Shankar
  • Ajit Krishna
  • Vyjayanthimala: Rajni
  • Chand Usmani: Manju
  • Jeevan: Kandan
  • Nasir Hussain: Seth. Maganlal
  • Leela Chitnis: Shankar's mother
  • Manmohan Krishna: Jumman Dada
  • Daisy Irani: Chikha Master
  • Radhakrishan: Narayan Maharaj
  • Johnny Walker: Anjana
  • Kumkum: cameo
  • Minoo Mumtaz: cameo

Naya Daur (translated: The new age ) is the second highest-grossing Bollywood film of the 1950s by Mughal -e -Azam.


Shankar, a coach driver and Krishna, a lumberjack, are laid friends and live modestly but happily in a small village in the region of Bhopal. But soon everything changes when Kundan, the son of the company owner Seth Maganlal, the sawmill takes over and modernized and mechanized this. Now some workers are unemployed.

Meanwhile, Shankar and Krishna fall in love without knowing it, in the same woman, Rajni. Only when Krishna Shankar with his sister Manju, who is in love to marry him, remember the two friends that they are both in love with Rajni. Through a misunderstanding, there is a dispute and are the best friends enemies.

So Krishna Kundan persuaded to acquire a bus, so that Shankar and all other carriage drivers lose their jobs. But Shankar does not think about giving up and calls Kundan to a race to: Bus to coach. So Shankar has a chance to build Rajni and the villagers a way as abbreviation and so wins the race Shankar of man against machine.

Ultimately, it all ends up in the good and the two friends clarify their misunderstandings: So are Shankar and Rajni together while Krishna Manju gets.


Filmfare Award 1958

  • Filmfare Award / Best Actor at Dilip Kumar
  • Filmfare Award / Best Music of O. P. Nayyar
  • Filmfare Award / Best Story at Akhtar Mirza


  • Filmfare Award / Best Supporting Actor at Ajit
  • Filmfare Award / Best Director at B. R. Chopra


The lyrics of film songs Sahir Ludhianvi wrote. In Reshmi Salwar Kurta Jaali Ka Kumkum and Minoo Mumtaz have their guest appearance.


The original was shot in black and white, but there is a colorized version of the film that was released in theaters in 2007.

Madhubala was supposed to play the role of Rajni, but her father Ataullah Khan did not let the 45-day shoot in Bhopal, current state of health. Actually, her father wanted to keep away from Dilip Kumar, as they had a relationship at the time. It even came to a public hearing in which Dilip and Madhubala were facing. She and her father lose their hearing and their image was severely damaged thereby. Then went their separate ways. Thus, Dilip Kumar and BR Chopra opted for Vyjayanthimala.