Nayak (1966 film)

The hero ( Bengali: নাযক, Nayak ) is an Indian film drama directed by Satyajit Ray from 1966.


The Top Movie Star Arindam Mukherjee goes by train (since all flights were fully booked ) to Delhi to receive a film award. He has a bad temper, as his latest film seems to become a flop and the morning press has reported about his involvement in a brawl. He is in a compartment together with a family of three.

In the dining car, he is approached by the young reporter Aditi who is not interested in his films, but was encouraged by other passengers, for their magazine to try an exclusive interview. Arindam rejects this because it is better not to divulge too much of Private when you stand in the spotlight. The other travelers to chat right underneath each other, while carefully observing several purposes.

In his compartment Arindam falls to sleep and it has a disturbing dream. It runs through mountains of money that trickles down from the top, bone hands stand out from the pile of money and he finally sinks into the money; denied a friend help him to get out there. Then he startles from the dream.

Uncertain, he tells this story Aditi in the dining car, as it is most pleasing to him because of their low interest for its star feature of all travelers. Aditi begins to make secret notes. Arindam told in flashbacks in each case. How he came to film from the theater; as his theater director tried to hold him, film is glamor, no art; his shock over his sudden death; his first day in the film with the despotic, now forgotten Star Mukunda Lahiri; about his politically active friend, whom he had to refuse the help for publicity; I like Lahiri years later begged him for a role.

Arindam gets drunk and when he was already toying with the idea to jump off the train, he can through a conductor Aditi call. He told her about the ambitious Pramila, who wanted to be an actress and with whom he had an affair, the cause of the brawl in the club the day before was. Also, that his latest film is a flop, and he expects the end of his career. Aditi will not hear of it and sends him to his compartment.

Shortly before arriving in Delhi you say goodbye in the dining car. Aditi has met behind the facade of the " lucky stars" a lonely man. Out of respect for his candor, she tears her notes in front of him.


Nayak is the second film by Kanchenjungha Rays, whose screenplay originally come from him. The film is based on the biography of Uttam Kumar. He was the most successful star of Bengali commercial cinema. The strength of the film is its formalism, with the surrealistic dream sequence is the artistic climax.


" A nested in elaborate flashbacks biography, as entertaining as it is heartbreaking in its sensitive formulated doubts about the supposed values ​​such as fame and success. Formally, though not one of the masterpieces of the director, yet far above the average and impressive by the human content. "

" Ornate Indian film story in flashbacks about the life of a young actor, moving in its simplicity and imbued with a strong and sincere humanity. In their cautious doubts about fame and success valuable Entertainment from 16 "


  • National Film Award Best Screenplay and Story, New Delhi, 1967
  • International Film Festival Berlin 1966 Critics' Prize ( Unicrit award ), Berlin, 1966
  • Special Jury Award, Berlin, 1966