NCIS (season 1)

This is a list of episodes of the first season of the U.S. drama series NCIS. The first season premiered in the U.S. on 23 September 2003 on the CBS network. The final was sent on 25 May 2004. In Germany, the season started on 17 March 2005 on Sat.1. On 25 August 2005, the final episode of the series was broadcast in Germany. In Switzerland, the season was aired from 26 June to 28 August 2007 to 3 . In Austria the first season of NCIS was launched on 9 December 2007 on ORF1. The last episode of the season was sent on 13 September 2009.



DVD Release

In the U.S., the entire season was released on 6 June 2006 on DVD. In Germany, the squadron was published in two parts on 20 July 2006. Season In Australia, appeared on 10 August 2006.