Nea Alikarnassos



Heraklion (Greek Νέα Αλικαρνασσός ( f sg ) ) is a district capital of Crete, Heraklion. Until its annexation on 1 January 2011 Heraklion was an independent municipality since 1986 as a township ( dimos ).

Location and Geography

Heraklion is located east of the center of Heraklion, in the coastal plain close to the sea. Heraklion has grown together with the city of Heraklion.


In the settlement Prassas the Minoan ruins of two houses were found.

Heraklion was founded in 1925 as a state housing development to accommodate the refugees (now Bodrum) were expelled and came by the thousands to Crete as a result of the Asia Minor catastrophe from their home Halicarnassus.


Heraklion is composed of the place and the village of Kalithea with the named after the river beach settlement Karteros.



In elections, has a clearly predominant portion of the left. In the parliamentary elections of 2007, the social democratic PASOK reached 52,85 % (2004: 54.54 %), the conservative New Democracy 31.22 % (2004: 33.84 %), the Communist KKE 8.97 % (2004: 8, 00 % ), the left SYRIZA 3.15% (2004: 2.14% ), the right LAOS 1.61% (2004: 1.07% ) and the Green Party 1.19%.


Mayor was from 2003-2010 Evangelos Sisamakis (PASOK ). He was re- elected in 2006 with 63 % of votes in the first ballot.

The debate about the Gypsy camp '

Big problems and disputes for years caused a camp where more than 500 Roma - for Greece in the name tsingani (Greek τσιγγάνοι or αθιγγάνοι ) is common - living under poor conditions. It was set up in an area between the highway and the industrial area already almost 20 years ago by a decision of the Heraklion Prefecture, the so wanted to focus the scattered in different parts of living Tsingani. In the western part of the live Chalkidei who do not speak Romani, but communicate in Greek with an accent. They deal mainly with itinerant trade, mainly with furniture and clothing. The Roma in the eastern area of the camp, whose main occupation is the vegetable trade, have remained, however, arrested the traditional way of life. They communicate in Romani and have all the characteristics of Roma. The women wear traditional clothing. The camp Neas Alikarnassos lacks any infrastructure. There is no electricity, no sewage system, and the water supply is imperfect.

The municipality of Heraklion tried since 1997 in rigorous attitude, to get rid of unpopular people. The official registration has been denied, forbidden measures to improve the conditions of life, prevented their children from attending school; the community even refused EU financial assistance. Multiple indulged evacuation orders, but they were challenged in court and could not be enforced. In 2002 took place in preparation for the 2004 Olympic Games, new approaches to expulsion on the grounds that the land was needed for sports facilities. Many worried about the protection of human rights organizations were attentive. After initially recognized by the prefectural government to integrate Roma children into the school system, even of better living conditions are employed in recent times

Economy and Transport

In the area of Heraklion Heraklion International Airport is the " Nikos Kazantzakis ", the second largest Greek airport and the one with the largest volume of charter flights.

In addition to the field of the community, the industrial area and the prison the Heraklion and the Reserve Officer School of Infantry Cadets (SEAP ). Also, the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Heraklion here has its headquarters

Many of the residents who specialize in construction activities.