Nebikon is a municipality in the constituency Willisau the canton of Lucerne in Switzerland.


The municipality is located in the middle part of the run of the Wigger. In this ends in the village of Luthern the left. The village lies in the valley at the western foot of the mountain Sante. Between the main part of the Sante mountain and a southern branch, the Egolzwilerberg, a little valley has been excavated. This aptly named ditch. On the wooded Santenberg lies on the border with Dagmersellen the highest point of the municipality ( 690 m above sea level. M. ).

In the west of the municipality rises in Flüeggenwald typical for the post Willisau hilly foothills of the Alps - so Nebikon overlooked in the west and in the east of hills.

From the community area of 372 ha, only 38.2 % is used for agriculture. The large forest areas on Santenberg and in the foothills cover 40.1 % of the area. And a fifth ( exactly 20.7% ) are built-up area - including several large industrial zones in the north and south of the village.

The community Nebikon bordered on the northeast by Dagmersellen, on the southeast by Egolzwil, to the south Schötz, on the southwest by Ebersecken and to the northwest by Altishofen.


Between 1850 and 1860 the number of inhabitants strong (: -11.2 % from 1850 to 1860 ) decreased. Thereafter she remained until 1888 stand at just over 500 people. Since it grows without interruption - when the growth has decreased in recent years. Particularly strong increases were 1888-1900 ( 18.7 %), from 1900 to 1910 ( 16.9 %), from 1950 to 1960 ( 24.2 %) and 1970-2000 ( 55.3 %). Overall, the population has almost quadrupled in the past 150 years.


The population used as slang a high- Alemannic dialect. At the last census in 2000 gave 84.45 % German, Serbo-Croatian 5.18% and 2.01 % of Albanian as their main language.

Religions - faiths

In earlier times the entire population of the Roman Catholic Church was a member. By leaving the church and immigration from other regions in Switzerland and abroad, this has changed. Today ( as of 2000), there are 70.34 % Roman Catholic, Evangelical Protestant, and 8.64% 5.89% Orthodox Christians. In addition, one finds Muslims 6.73% and 3.27 % non-religious. The Muslims are Albanian, Bosniak, Kurdish and Turkish origin. Largest group among them are the Albanians. The Slavs are Orthodox Christians from the former Yugoslavia ( Macedonians, Montenegrins and Serbs ).

Origin - Nationality

The end of 2006 the community numbered 2169 inhabitants. Of these, 1665 Swiss and 504 ( = 23.2% ) are foreigners. At the last census was 71.79 % ( 74.54 % including dual citizens ) Swiss nationals. The largest immigrant groups come from Albania.


Nebikon is on the railway line Luzern- Olten and has its own train station. Two bus lines connect Nebikon with others in the region. These are: Nebikon - Schötz - Ebersecken and Ettiswil - Nebikon - Dagmersellen.

Nebikon lies on the streets Dagmersellen - Willisau and Dagmersellen - Wauwil - Sursee. The nearest motorway junction is the Dagmersellen on the A2 in merely 3 km away.


Under the name Nevinchova the place in the goods nomenclature ( toboggan ) the woman Münster Abbey Zurich in the year 893 was first mentioned. The Habsburgs took over in the late 12th century the rule. Manages the place was by the Lords of Büttikon. The rule changed in 1415 The city of Lucerne bought the county Willisau -. Belonged to the Nebikon - and made her bailiwick Willisau. In 1424 Lucerne acquired the majority stake in the lower courts. Thus, the structure remained until the year 1798. Subsequent five years belonged to the district of Nebikon Altishofen - since to the then newly created Office Willisau.

Famous citizens

The flagship Nebikons is the footballer Fabian Lustenberger, who plays for Hertha BSC in the Bundesliga. The attacking midfielder was given his first national team squad for the qualifiers for the 2010 World Cup in Switzerland against Latvia and Greece.


Station Nebikon

Timbered house in the center of Nebikon