Nebraska Territory

The Nebraska Territory was an organized territory of the United States, which consisted of 30 May 1854 to March 1, 1867, when Nebraska was admitted as the 37th state in the Union. It was created in 1854 by the Kansas - Nebraska Act. The territorial capital was Omaha.

  • 2.1 Subsequent creation of new territories


An Enabling Act 1864 passed by the Congress of the United States. Delegates were elected for a constitutional convention, but this convention adopted a constitution. Two years later, in 1866, then a state constitution was drafted and adopted. It was confirmed with 100 votes. However, delayed a clause in the Constitution with respect to the limited suffrage for " free white men " Nebraska's inclusion in the Union for almost a year. The Enabling Act of 1866 for the state became the Pocket veto by President Andrew Johnson. When Congress reconvened in 1867, he passed another bill on the creation of the State of Nebraska, under the condition that should cancel the restricted suffrage Nebraska Constitution. Also against this bill, the President Johnson vetoed. The Congress declared its veto void.

Battle for the State Capitol

Omaha City desperately wanted to be the capital of the new state. At the beginning of 1854 created the Omaha Claim Club to convince as part of a measure, the territorial Parliament thereof, to keep the capital in the Omaha local businessmen. Their aggressive efforts to Parliament prompted this to relocate the capital to Scriptown, but this was later explained by the judgment of Baker v. Morton illegal.

In January 1858 a group of deputies moved after violence breaks out at the Capitol building illegally Parliament of the Nebraska Territory to Florence. The sequence of events was as follows: After several times repeated and insistent vote on the relocation of the capital city of Omaha, led a skirmish Members from Nebraska City, Florence and other communities to assemble outside of Omaha. Despite the then majority of the members voting to replace the capital and consistent in all, followed by the "Florence Legislature " not the fluctuating governor of the Nebraska Territory. The capital remained in Omaha until 1867 Nebraska State was.

Early colonization

Some cities, forts and trading posts had been created in the Nebraska Territory from the early 1800s to 1867, including, founded in 1806 Fontenelle 's Post; which was founded in 1806 Fort Lisa; which was founded in 1819 Fort Atkinson; Founded in 1822 Cabanne 's Trading Post; which was founded in 1846 Cutler 's Park; Founded in 1853 Omaha City; the Bellevue founded in 1853; which was founded in 1855 in Nebraska City and Kearney City, and was founded in 1856 Lancaster, Saratoga, South Nebraska City and Florence.

Early military posts

With a variety of early fur-trading stations Fort Atkinson was established in 1819. It was the site of the first military post in the future Nebraska Territory, and here it was also the first school. Other items in the Nebraska Territory were Fort Kearny near present-day Kearney; Fort McPherson near the present Maxwell, Nebraska; Fort Mitchell near present-day Mitchell, Nebraska; Fort Randall in South Dakota and later to Fort Caspar, Fort Halleck, Fort Laramie and Fort Sander in today's Wyoming.


The original boundaries of the Nebraska Territory ( the Organic Act specified ) included much of the original Louisiana Purchase with a; the territorial limits were:

  • South - 40 ° N ( current Kansas - Nebraska border);
  • West - the continental divide between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean;
  • North - 49 ° N ( the U.S. - Canada border);
  • East - the White Earth and Missouri Rivers.

Subsequent creation of new territories

After the creation of the territory covered most of the northern Great Plains, much of the upper Missouri River basin and the eastern parts of the northern Rocky Mountains. After the Nebraska Territory was gradually reduced in its dimensions as new territories were created in the 1860s.

The Colorado Territory was posted on February 28, 1861 from parts of the territory south of 41 ° N and west of 102 ° 03 ' W ( 25 ° W from Washington, DC ), an area that the current Fort Collins, Greeley and the parts includes Boulder north of Baseline Road, created.

On March 2, 1861 we saw the creation of the Dakota Territory. It was from all parts of the Nebraska Territory north of 43 ° N (the present Nebraska - South Dakota border), and from the part of today's Nebraska between 43 ° N and the Keya Paha and Niobrara Rivers ( this country was in 1882 to Nebraska return ), created. The law was the Dakota Territory, including arrangements of Nebraska at granting small parts of Utah Territory and Washington Territory created. At present, it limits the southwest Wyoming at 41 ° N, 110 ° 03 ' W ( 33 ° W from Washington, DC), 43 ° N and the Continental Divide. These parts were never a part of the Louisiana Purchase, but they were part of the Oregon Country and 1846 were part of the United States.

On March 3, 1863 the Idaho Territory was created from all parts of the west of 104 ° 03 ' W ( 27 ° W from Washington, DC).