The NEC V20 ( μPD70108 ) was a pin -compatible to the Intel 8088 processor, which was made ​​by NEC reverse engineer and one for Intel 80186 compatible instruction set had. , Which consists of approximately 29,000 transistors CPU running at 8-16 MHz and at the same clock frequency was about 30 % faster than that of i8088. In contrast to the NMOS -based 8086 the V20 was produced in low-power CMOS process.

The NEC V20HL ( μPD70108H ) and the NEC V30HL ( μPD70116H ) are high-speed (up to a clock frequency of 16 MHz) and low-power versions of the V20 and V30.

The NEC V25 is a microcontroller version of the NEC V20.

The NEC V30 ( μPD70116 ) was a version of the V20, which is pin - compatible with the Intel 8086.

The NEC V40 processor family had an Intel 80188 - compatible instruction set and integrated in the housing peripheral components suitable for designing robust miniaturized microcontroller.