Neferkara I

Neferkare I. (according to another source Aaka, Aa -ka or Neferka, Nefer -ka [A 6] ) was an ancient Egyptian King (Pharaoh) of the 2nd Dynasty ( Early Dynastic period ), which perhaps reigned 2749 BC. Neferkare I. counts for today's research on the most obscure rulers. Its exact government time and the duration of his reign are unknown.


Classify this ruler chronologically correct, is quite difficult for Egyptologists and archaeologists due to the small treasure location. As " Neferkare " is this ruler only in the list of kings of Saqqara in the grave of the priest reading Tjuneroy ( 19th Dynasty ) occupied. As " Aaka " in appearance, he shall, however, only in the Turin Royal Canon. Moreover, his Horus name is completely unknown. Contemporary monuments or artifacts could not be assigned to him so far. In the Sakkara list and the Turin Papyrus Neferkare I. is described as the successor of King Sened and as a predecessor of King Neferkasokar.

The Egyptologist Kim Ryholt is convinced that Neferkare is identical to Seneferka, a ruler who actually by the majority of Egyptologists King Qaa ( end of the 1st dynasty ) equated or is regarded as its immediate successor. Ryholts exposition is based on the fact that Ramesside scribe often the name of the Early Dynastic ruler of the sun disk of Re adding to it, even though they should have known that the sun was at such an early time is not worshiped as an independent deity. As evidence he leads cartridges names like Neferkare II at Abydos from the list and Nebkare from the Sakkara list as examples.

Neferkare I. is probably identical with a ruler, which the ancient historian Manetho Nêpherchêres called and about which he writes, Nephercheres had " reigned 25 years " and under his reign was " eleven days honey flowed down the Nile ." Egyptologists suspect that this phrase was intended to show that under Neferkare ruled prosperity and abundance.


Since so far no archaeological finds Neferkares time can be allocated sure nothing concrete about political, ritual or economic events is known. However, it is generally believed that Neferkare I. reigned in Lower Egypt, as his name appears in the Sakkara list, in the list of kings at Abydos is missing, however, and Memphite the Sakkara list, ie Lower Egyptian, reflects traditions.

Neferkare I was also possible countermeasures Regent to the rulers and Peribsen Sechemib. Background of this view is a suggested division of the kingdom at the time of the death of King Ninetjer. After several years of drought Ninetjer Egypt is said to have split into two separate halves and divided among his heirs, to counter the drought-related, economic and internal political conflict. To Neferkares time thus Egypt consisted of two halves of the country, of which the southern part of kings as Peribsen was dominated, while in the north ruled alongside Neferkare I. kings like Sened and Neferkasokar. It was completed the division of the kingdom under King Khasekhemwy.