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Nefyn is a small town and municipality in the north-west coast of the Lleyn Peninsula (Pen Llŷn ) in the County of Gwynedd, Wales. Around 80 % of residents use Welsh as their first language.

History and etymology

The history of the area can be traced back to 300 BC. At this time the Iron Age Hill Fort yarn Boduan, towering over the village was founded. The remains of 170 circular stone huts and brick fragments can still be seen on the 280 m high hill. Written records there from the late 11th century, where Nefyn occurs in a report on the Welsh prince Gruffydd ap Cynan. 1284 Edward I of England hosted a tournament to celebrate his victory over the Welsh, from the 14th century, the city had a municipal law and was an important trading center. The economy of Nefyn was based largely on fishing, especially on the herring, so it also bears three herrings in the coat of arms.

In the 6th century St Mary's parish church was built and renewed in 1827. This parish church was a station of the pilgrimage route to Ynys Enlli ( Bardsey Iceland, see also Avalon ). Today there is in it the Maritime Museum of Nefyn.

The place name derives from the Gaelic Goddess Nebhain from (Irish woman name Nevin - " worshiper of the Deity " ), which, like the name of the Llŷn Peninsula (Irish laighin, same root as the Irish province Leinster ) in the settlement by Irish clans 4th and 5th centuries indicates. An old Welsh saint Nyfain is also known.

During the Second World War, the Royal Air Force built a radar station near Nefyn (alias Chain Home ).

Two earthquakes, on 12 December 1940 and on 19 July 1984 caused only minor damage to property, the first of the place, however, had suffered two deaths.


Sir Thomas Duncombe Love Jones - Parry, known by his bardic name of Elphin, a prominent member of the Eisteddfod ( festivals of literature, music and singing in Wales), inherited the estate in 1853 Madryn near Nefyn. The well-known film actor Rupert Davies ( * 1916, † 1976), star of the Maigret films, was born in Pistyll at Nefyn. The Soul-/Pop-Sängerin Duffy began their careers in performance.

The local football club Nefyn United F. C. (founded in 1932) has its place Cae'r Delyn in place and plays in the Welsh Alliance League, the third Welsh League.