Neha Ahuja

Neha Ahuja (born 27 September 1981) is a former Indian skier. It was 2006, the first Indian woman who could qualify for the Olympic Winter Games.

Ahuja was born as the daughter of an Indian border officer and grew up near Kasmir. There, beneath the Himalayas, her father worked in a winter resort as director. As a five- year-old she took her first attempts on skis. At the age of 16 she moved to Vail (USA), where she joined the local ski club. During her studies at the University of Colorado held her ski racing and continued afterwards in Japan and Austria, the training continued. Through various FIS races in which they had participated regularly since 1997, you finally succeeded in qualifying for the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Turin.

There she went in the slalom and giant slalom at the start. In slalom, she finished 27 seconds back from two runs on the winner Anja Parson the 51st and last place. Two days later she came in the giant slalom at rank 42, just under eight seconds before the last placed Mirella Arnhold from Brazil.