Nekhbet (also Nechebet ) is a heaven and crown goddess in Egyptian mythology. In Greek mythology, it bears the name Eileithyia.


Nekhbet was originally just a local goddess in Necheb (el - Kab ). In the translation of its name " The Necheb of " it becomes clear why later this ancient city remained her main cult. However, with time they gained more and more important, was the goddess of the whole of Upper Egypt, and with this growing influence also arose for them everywhere in Egypt more temples and places of worship.

Together with Wadjet, the country's goddess of Lower Egypt, Nekhbet is the patron goddess of the King ( Pharaoh) and Nebtinamen ( mistresses name) of the Egyptian kings symbolize both protective goddesses united states.


The goddess Nekhbet is depicted as a vulture or sometimes as a woman of a vulture or vulture head. As a constellation it is called Huret and equated simultaneously with Neith. As a nickname it is entitled " The Secret ".

It also applies when the wearer from the eye of Re and is equated with the goddess of Nut Sopdet, Hathor and Tefnut.