Nela River

The Río Nela at Puentedey

The 75- kilometer Río Nela in the province of Burgos in the autonomous community of Castile -Leon is the first major tributary of the Ebro. It rises on the south side of the Cantabrian coastal mountains near the border with the autonomous community of Cantabria and empties eventually about 500 meters south of the small town Trespaderne from the North to the Ebro.


Because of the risk of flooding after a storm or heavy rain keeping most of the places in its lower reaches a distance of at least 200 meters. Larger towns are Trespaderne, Nofuentes, Medina de Pomar, Puentedey, Pedrosa de Valdeporres



In the altkastilischen town of Medina de Pomar, there are several historic buildings dating from the period of the 13th to the 16th/17th. Century. In place Puentedey the river has washed away a rock wall, so that a natural bridge has formed.


The upper reaches of the river Nela is a good spot for fishing ( esp. trout )