Mbombela ( Nelspruit until 2010 ), is the capital of the province of Mpumalanga in South Africa. 2011, the city had 58,672 inhabitants.


Mbombela is situated in the Lowveld on the Crocodile River, about 330 kilometers east of Johannesburg on the N4 highway and 60 kilometers west of the border with Mozambique. In the core city Mbombela about 24,000, along with suburbs and the former townships KaNyamazane, Msogwaba, Mpakeni and Matsulu about 220,000 inhabitants.

Mbombela is trade and service center for the surrounding tobacco and fruit-growing region and has, among other processing industries, especially for citrus fruits, mangoes, nuts and bananas.

In addition to a railway line Mbombela has with the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport on major transport connections to Johannesburg and Cape Town, which is frequented by visitors of about 50 kilometers away, Kruger National Park. For people from Mozambique and Swaziland, the city serves as the regional supply center.


The South African Republic (CAR ) under President Paul Kruger had the desire for access to a marina about a railway line, which was independent of the British Crown. The construction of this line was instrumental in Mbombelas early development. The Eastern Line between Johannesburg and Maputo today reached the then Nelspruit 1892.

During the Boer War, Nelspruit served briefly in 1900 as the seat of government of the ZAR. Officially founded the place was, he was named first on 27 January 1905. According to three brothers of the Nel family who grazed their cattle in the present area.

The name Mbombela that the city received in 2010, is on SiSwati " many people in one small place ." This name had previously worn a township north-east of Nelspruit, whose inhabitants had been forcibly relocated in the 1960s and 1970s.

Mbombela was the venue of four group matches of the Football World Cup 2010, the South African road Radmeisterschaften 2012 as well as a venue for the African Cup of Nations 2013.


  • The Lowveld National Botanical Garden in the north Mbombelas is especially in spring and summer a sea of ​​flowers of tropical and subtropical plants.
  • The Mbombela Stadium, venue of the FIFA World Cup 2010, is located about seven kilometers west of the city center. It offers 46,000 spectators.
  • The Emnotweni Casino is located just outside the town on the road to White River.