Nemansky District

The Russian Rajon Neman (Russian Неманский район ) is located in the north of Kaliningrad Oblast on the river Memel and thus at the EU's external border with Lithuania.

The Rajonsgebiet surrounds the city Sowetsk, but which is itself not part Rajon. Seat of Rajonsverwaltung is the city Neman (formerly Ragnit ). By Rajonsgebiet the railway branch line from Tschernjachowsk after Sowetsk, the freight branch line of Sowetsk by Neman and the main road from Kaliningrad via Talpaki goes according Sowetsk, across which a large part of the interest to the Oblast transit through Lithuania and Latvia to Saint Petersburg. The landscape is dominated by forest and desertified grassland and sparsely populated. In Neman are the ruins of the ancient Teutonic castle Ragnit.


The Rajon Neman consists of the urban community Nemanskoje with 19 other settlements and two rural communities with 30 settlements.


The Rajon was founded as Ragnitski rajon on April 7, 1946. He was the successor of the district of Tilsit - Ragnit including the town of Tilsit within the limits of existing from 1922 to 1939. The extreme east of the circle, however, was assigned to the Rajon Krasnoznamensk. Administrative headquarters of Rajons was initially the city of Tilsit. On September 7, 1946, the city of Tilsit was renamed Sowetsk and Rajon rajon in Sovetsky. After the city had been renamed Ragnit on June 17, 1947 in Neman, Neman on 25 July, 1947 new administrative seat of the Rajons. At the same time cities Sowetsk and Neman were spun off from the Raion and each rajonfrei.

On April 4, 1958 Rajon was renamed Nemanski rayon. In the years 1963-1965 the Rajon been divided for a short-term general and administrative reform on the neighboring Rajon Slawsk and Rajon Krasnoznamensk. In 1996, the city Neman was reintegrated into the Rajon.

As part of local government Rajon ( Nemanski munizipalny rajon Неманский муниципальный район, ) was first in 2004 given the status of a city district ( Неманский городской округ, Nemanski Gorodskoi okrug ) and finally in 2008, " municipal " with the status of Rajons. The nine existing village districts as well as the range of nemansker city administration were converted in two rural communities and the urban community Nemanskoje.

Village soviets / village districts 1947-2008