The Nemes kerchief is a headscarf that carried the Kings ( Pharaohs ) of Ancient Egypt. It belonged to Königsornat and was either worn alone or with a crown. The oldest known representation of a king with Nemes kerchief comes from Djoser and there are pictures on wall paintings, papyri and busts detected until the Ptolemaic period.

The triangular and striped cloth was about three times as long as wide. The Nemes kerchief was on his head, covered his forehead and fell on both sides of the ear to the chest down. The lying at the back part of the cloth was twisted together in the form of a bead zopfartigen in the neck. The two stripes across the chest were crinkled. When King symbol was on the forehead often the uraeus.

King representations with Nemes kerchief

Death Mask of Tutankhamun with vulture and Uraeus (Egyptian Museum Cairo )

Death Mask of Tutankhamun (rear view)

Statue of Ramses II with double crown and uraeus ( Great Temple of Abu Simbel )